TEF & UN Partner on Global Goals Monitoring & Reporting

UN and Editors set to collaborate to reach journalists at the grassroots level.

Morogoro – The United Nations and the Tanzania Editors Forum (TEF) have signed an agreement which will enhance communication and advocacy for the implementation of the Global Goals in Tanzania. The partnership between TEF and the UN has existed for over 5 years with heads of UN agencies annually meeting with senior journalists and editors. This latest collaboration builds on this partnership with a focus on training journalists at the grassroots level on reporting for development in the context of the Global Goals implementation through the National Five-Year Development Plan and the UN Development Assistance Plan (UNDAP II).

The agreement will see the UN and TEF jointly build the capacity of journalists from regions in all five zones of Tanzania to ensure that implementation of the Global Goals is tracked at the grassroots level. This will include field visits to key UN and government projects to highlight best practices & challenges being experienced in the course of the Global Goals implementation. The collaboration also establishes new Excellence in Journalism awards for journalists who excel in reporting on selected Global Goals and the UN’s work in Tanzania.

Speaking on behalf of the UN Resident Coordinator at the TEF Retreat, UN Communications Specialist, Ms. Hoyce Temu, highlighted the importance of working closely with the media to inform communities on progress being made on the Global Goals. “We value the important work being done by the media and recognize that they are an important partner in communicating the successes and challenges of Global Goals implementation,” said Ms. Temu. “Your role as editors in highlighting development issues facing the country is immense and commendable. As we continue working closely with the government to improve lives of communities, we look forward to strengthening our partnership with media stakeholders all over the country.”

On his side, Tanzania Editors Forum (TEF) Acting Chairman, Mr. Deodatus Balile said that the agreement will enhance TEF and the UN’s partnership and that the media training will assist journalists in the regions.

Written by
Edgar Kiliba
Communications Analyst
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