CCA UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework Consultations


Start: 2021-05-10


The evolution of the UN Development Assistance Framework/Plan (UNDAFs/UNDAPs) into the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF) is a key part of the UN Secretary General’s reforms of the UN Development System which explicitly acknowledges the role of the UN as but one entity in a broader collective effort to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In countries across the world, a new generation of UN country cooperation strategies are currently rolled out. Tanzania is set to have its first UNSDCF in July 2022.


Caption: The SDCF is the primary instrument for prioritising, planning and implementing the UN’s work at country level, to accelerate progress on the SDGs.

The SDCF is the primary instrument for planning the UN’s work at country level, and to accelerate progress on the SDGs. Jointly developed with Government, the Cooperation Framework sets out agreed sustainable development objectives for the UN work in the country. These objectives are derived from SDG targets, and are tailored to the specific country context. The country context is in turn analyzed through the Common Country Analysis or CCA.

The Common Country Analysis is the UN’s independent and impartial analysis of the country’ progress and prospects on the SDGs. The CCA examines challenges and identifies opportunities to deliver solutions to accelerate progress across multiple goals, given their integrated nature. Leaving no one behind is at the center of the transformative promise of the 2030 Agenda.  Therefore, the CCA and UNSDCF place specific attention on the most vulnerable populations and multi-dimensional factors that advance the potential of individuals and societies as a whole.

In Tanzania, the UN has started consultations with stakeholders on preliminary findings of its CCA. Stakeholders’ voices and views are sought to jointly turn the analysis into evidence-based opportunities for accelerating SDG achievement in the country. The consultations are being held in 4 thematic streams engaging a broad range of partners. Updates on the consultation process and relevant materials will be regularly published here.

We need our partners’ help in enhancing our analysis and identifying the right accelerators. Through our partners' active engagement, we can ensure an accurate and nuanced understanding of the development challenges, needs and priorities of Tanzania.


If you would like to participate in the consultations or have any questions, please can contact us

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