World Radio Day 2019

  • UN, Government and Media Partners celebrate World Radio Day in Tanga

Radio is a powerful tool.

Even in today’s world of digital communications, radio reaches more people than any other media platform. It conveys vital information and raises awareness of important issues. And it is a personal, interactive platform where people can air their views, concerns, and grievances. Radio can create a community.

In Tanzania, UNESCO in collaboration with the Tanzania Development Information Organisation (TADIO) – the Network of Community Media in Tanzania will join other stakeholders on February 13, 2019, to celebrate the eighth edition of the World Radio Day. This year’s national celebration is in Tanga Region where the Chief Guest is expected to be the Deputy Minister of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Honorable Juliana Shonza.

The forum will bring together media actors from community radios, mainstream media, as well as district, regional and ministry officials to discuss the role of radio in promoting citizen’s participation for development in communities. The theme for this year’s celebration is Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace.

In Tanzania, UNESCO with funding from the Swiss Development Corporation (SDC), supports 25 community radios and the community media network-TADIO with the aim to ensure that people in Tanzania, especially the poor, women and girls, have the capacity to make informed decisions on issues that affect their daily lives based on access to relevant, culturally appropriate, gender-responsive accurate information and knowledge.

Together with the Government and stakeholders, UNESCO will continue to work with media partners, including radios-building their capacities as well-to achieve sustainable development goals through the provision of quality and timely information to all. Also amplifying voices that for one reason or another would otherwise not be heard. Together we will work to contribute to efforts to end violence against women and children; build strong and democratic institutions at all levels; grow the economy and promote gender and human rights for all.

On this World Radio Day, let us recognize the power of radio to promote dialogue, tolerance and peace.

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