UN Clarifies its Role in Elections

Head of UN System in Tanzania clarifies the UN's role in Tanzania's election in light of inaccurate statements circulating online

The United Nations Resident Coordinator in the United Republic of Tanzania would like to make a few clarifications regarding the role of the United Nations in the ongoing electoral process, in view of the inaccurate statements circulating in some media platforms mentioning the United Nations

Unlike in past elections, the United Nations has not been invited by the Government to provide electoral assistance in the upcoming elections to be held on 28 October, and is therefore not providing such support. Additionally, the United Nations does not formally observe elections in countries unless there is a mandate from the United Nations Security Council or General Assembly to observe such elections, which is not the case for Tanzania.

Moreover, the United Nations in Tanzania has not conducted or commissioned any electoral polls or projections to be carried out concerning the results of the upcoming elections in the country and such reports should not be attributed to the United Nations.

The United Nations would like to reiterate that it is the responsibility of all political leaders, both from the ruling party and opposition parties, to show political tolerance and encourage their supporters to be peaceful during the electoral period. We do not support, favour or endorse candidates or political parties in electoral processes in countries and any declaration by any electoral stakeholder that the UN supports or opposes any participant or party over others in Tanzania is inaccurate.

The United Nations reaffirms its continued commitment to support the consolidation of peace, democracy and sustainable development in Tanzania.

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